Hi, I'm


serious about helping creatives skyrocket their businesses

mum to Vinny(my pup)

Less-than-great plant caretaker 

I'm based in Sydney, Australia. I like coffee and champagne equally, and I believe running a creative business should be fun (and profitable)

At the age of 23, I started my business from my bedroom. I earned $400 a week and lived on a diet of sourdough and hummus. Fast forward to today. I coach hundreds of creatives to skyrocket their businesses without sacrificing their freedom. I've built a 7 figure business with a small team. I earn money while I sleep and I LOVE helping other creatives do the same. 

I'm Laura Higgins. I'm a coach, speaker, podcaster, marketing expert and cheerleader for creative business owners 

No overnight success story here. Let's look at how it all began...

From the



newbie marketer

I started my career as a sales person.  I went from cafe to cafe *trying* to sell wholesale coffee beans. I was terrible at it and realised I was much better at social media and design.


Launched Lala Social Club

I started Lala Social Club as a social media manager. I worked with all different types of small businesses - from wine, finance, beauty, and fitness. 


Started 1:1 consulting

After filling my books with social media clients, I began consulting with brands to help them cut through the noise online - and moved into online marketing more holistically. 

forward in time


STarted My podcast

I launched My Business Playbook, our top rated podcast. I've been able to interview some of the world's top entrepreneurs & build a beautiful, connected community. 


Started TNLC

I said goodbye to 1:1 completely and launched The Next Level Club, our personalised group coaching program for creative service providers. Best. decision. ever.


REbrand - Laura Higgins

After many iterations and evolutions we said goodbye to Lala Social Club in 2023. I rebranded to "Laura Higgins" - plain old me! And I gotta say, I'm stepping into my Beyoncè era #IYKYK 


Along came 2020 (what a year). I filmed my first course the day that lockdowns began in Australia. We sold My Marketing Playbook for $279 and made $37k on our first launch.

Launched my first course


A regular week for me looks like coaching clients, creating content, hosting podcast interviews and building fresh strategies for our clients to implement. 
I love Half-day Fridays and can also be found at the dog park with Vinny or listening to some Kacey Musgraves with a glass of champagne in hand.

Lola joined the team after completing our course: My Marketing Playbook. She is a wizard at all things systems and operations. When she's not being our resident hype girl for our clients, you'll find Lola at a beach in Wollongong or sipping a gin and tonic by the pool. Oh and you'll never catch her sleeping past 7am. 

Nath manages the strategy and systems behind our campaigns and content. He is the king of the pep talk and can be found giving our clients tough love when they need it. He also coaches our clients on email marketing, ads and building a 6 figure business. When he's not doing business stuff, you'll find him on the golf course.




I am serious about coffee, good wine, sashimi and any movie that Denzel Washington is in. When we aren't at the office, you can likely find us at one of our favourite cafes in Potts Point, Sydney.

Nath and I are both musicians. Nath plays drums and I was in a family band with my 3 sisters and two of my brothers. We toured all over USA in a van and it was wild. If you’re curious, you can listen here

Before I started my business I worked for a coffee roaster in sales. I ended up taking over their marketing and all these years later, here I am!








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