The high touch and high growth program to hit $30k+ months in your creative business without losing your freedom

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Most creatives are great at their craft but don’t know how to grow their business. 

When you don’t have a plan to grow your business you: 

Waste time and money on strategies that promise the world but simply don’t work for you

Lose confidence in your ability and start to believe you’re not cut out for business 
Stay stuck in survival mode at the same level, same income and never break through the ceiling

Growing a successful creative business shouldn't be *this hard* 

I know what it's like to feel stuck on what to do next. When I started my creative business back in 2017, I had big goals, but NO plan to get there. In short, I was so busy working IN the business, I could never find the time to work ON the business. 

👉 But all of that changed when I created a PLAN to scale 👈

Since then, I've helped over 600+ creative service providers get more clients, make more money and find more freedom. 

The Next Level Club will teach you EVERYTHING I’ve learned so you can scale your business too. 

The Next Level Club is a high touch, high support group coaching experience to help you attract your dream clients, earn more each month and experience freedom in your business. 

We work with photographers, designers, coaches, agency owners and consultants who want to scale.

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Meet The






IN the Next level club...

What to Expect 🚀

Create a powerful strategy to level up your business - fast

Get a perfect fit gameplan every 6 weeks for your business so you only focus on what is right for you & hit your goals - quick smart

Install my simple and powerful systems to 2x your revenue

Save time & take action with our roadmap & library of training so you know HOW to implement without the overwhelm. 

Get weekly live coaching with me and my team

Join a growth-minded community, get access to live weekly coaching calls and daily accountability to stay on track. 

Meet your new business coach...

I started my business at the age of 23 and had NO idea how to run a business - let alone hit $30k months.

I was scrambling to communicate my value, in constant feast or famine mode when it came to client work, and spending way too much time posting on Instagram without a plan.

Not too long after starting my business, I found myself where so many of my clients find themselves too: 

Burnt out, struggling with major imposter syndrome, and feeling like my business would never truly take off.

Fast forward and I’ve hit 7 figures by age 30, built an incredible team, and even launched a second business that hit 6 figures in just 90 days!

How did I do it? I stopped winging it and created a plan to scale.

Inside The Next Level Club, I'm handing over my step by step system to YOU so you can consistently attract your dream clients and finally hit reach your own revenue and freedom goals.

Because honestly, I’m living and breathing proof that it’s possible. 

All without working more hours or dancing on Instagram - promise.

This is it, my friend.

No more imposter syndrome. No more winging it. No more doing it alone.

Let's take that business of yours to the next level.



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I’m a business coach on a mission to help creative service providers skyrocket their businesses in a way that simple and sustainable. 

I know how to help creative service providers

If you run a creative business - The Next Level Club is for you. 


If you have no growth plan for your business, this will cost you a FORTUNE to miss. Just sayin’. 

All prices are in AUD and exclude GST

$1,250 AUD/Month

$350 AUD/Week

PAY monthly

PAY weekly

Most flexible

Most popular

Approx $815 USD

Approx $220 USD

Let's talk pricing

Step 2: Map your Strategy
Step 3: Get ready to Kickoff

Fill out the short application form to begin the process. From here, we will invite you to jump on a call with our team.

You'll then be invited to a 1:1 Strategy Session with a Level Up Specialist. We will uncover your goals and roadblocks & map a gameplan for you.

Join the program, register for the Kickoff Call and get results - fast. You'll get instant access to our training so you can start right away.

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Step 1: Apply to Join the Club

Pop the bubbly




Ready to stop guessing and start seeing massive progress? 

I Know How Scary It Can Be To Invest In Yourself And Your Business.

👉 Install a proven plan to double your revenue in 12 months (or less) 

👉 Work with your dream clients over and over again (and get paid a premium)

👉 Develop confidence and clarity in your offers, marketing and sales process

👉 Invest your time (and $$) into strategies that WORK for creatives

👉 Craft a cash-generating mini offer that you can sell while you sleep

👉 Take control of your lead flow (and be able to say no to clients who aren’t the right fit)

👉 Have a profitable cash flow system so you’ve always got money in the bank

👉 Craft a gameplan every 6 weeks so you can focus on the right thing for YOUR business

👉 Find community, accountability and support from ambitious & generous creatives doing the journey with you

👉 Get first access to our VIP client events and retreats!



"Best launch I've ever had!"

"Booked out the first leg of our trip up the coast, so many incredible photographers to educate and capture along the way...I'm over the moon!"

— Alex, photographer

"Well, after hitting the kpi I promised that we would buy a new house."

"We made an offer last week and a few hours ago it was accepted 🙌🏻 🙌🏻 🙌🏻."

— Emm, financial planner

"On track to hit $200K in my first year of business!"

"Which I never would have imagined was possible. So blown away by how much The Next Level Club has helped me grow my business!"

— Shelley, consultant

Are you my next success story?

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This program is NOT for everyone…


You’re the right for for The Next Level Club if you are…

A creative service provider earning at least $5k/month and ready for fast growth

Ambitious, creative and want to attract their dream clients, earn more each month and finally experience freedom in their business

READY to make an investment to grow your business & make your success a reality

Want to be surrounded by a bunch of creatives who are determined, dedicated and taking massive action 

Wanting to have clarity and confidence on your marketing, offers and sales process

Not only wanting to earn more money but also wanting to give your clients a world class experience

If you are accepted into The Next Level Club, you are working privately with me as your coach and I will not let you settle for anything less than amazing. We are going to expect you to show up, own your progress and lean in to badass boss you know you can be. 

This program is NOT a good fit if...

The Next Level Club is THE mecca for creatives who want to play a bigger game, fast track their results and find their people too 🦄

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"Can confirm it's called The Next Level Club for a reason... I knew it was going to be good – but it’s been more than I expected."

Since joining in September 2022, my business has undoubtedly gone to its next level – in more ways than one.

- Cou, Copywriter

In a nutshell: I've doubled my average monthly revenue, stepped away from subcontracting to agencies, refined my services, cleaned up my processes and gained so. much. more confidence – all while working LESS. 

I feel like I have my sh*t together now. Clearer. Knowing my worth. Dreaming bigger. And having the *actual* steps, support, accountability, and resources to execute my ideas. The most surprising and delightful part: I’ve made biz friends who really feel like *my people*. I knew it was going to be good – but it’s been more than I expected. Laura is the real deal: a down-to-earth, clever, funny, vibrant human with so much knowledge to share. If you’re on the fence about joining, jump. 

Still curious? 

How it


If nothing changes, nothing changes. What are you waiting for? 

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