March 2, 2021

108: How to Legally Protect Your Small Business with Foundd Legal








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108: How to Legally Protect Your Small Business with Foundd Legal


Meet Riz from Foundd Legal

Today we are joined by lawyer and entrepreneur, Riz McDonald of Foundd Legal. Foundd Legal offers practical legal consulting, as well as resources for small business owners to be protected legally.

This week’s episode is bursting at the seams with practical advice and explanations on everything legal that a small business owner needs to know to ensure they are legally legitimate. Riz also delves into her journey of being first a lawyer, and then an entrepreneur with an e-commerce business. She is skilled, brave, and willing to share her knowledge and experience so that other business owners can know where to step, so they can lead their business to success. If you have a small business and have ever wondered about anything legal, or if you are thinking about building a business- this podcast is for you!  

Riz is a creative lawyer and entrepreneur with over 16 years of experience. She knows how difficult it can be for small business owners (particularly creatives) to find the time and knowledge to protect their business legally. So, she started Foundd, offering affordable legal services and resources for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and creatives to build their brand in an incredible (and legally legit) way. 

Did you know? Riz has an online store for small business owners – check it out here


Biggest takeaways from Foundd Legal

  • How Riz built her business with no real rulebook, and the missteps she made in the process [10:36]
  • The most valuable investment Riz has made in her business [18:50]
  • What the most common legal mistakes people make when building their small business [22:08]
  • The difference between copyright and trademark [26:28]
  • One of the very first thing Riz urges business owners to do to get legally legit [32:30]
  • Riz’s advice for those who want to turn their business into digital products and courses [36:16]

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