April 5, 2022

214: The Secrets to Creating a Highly Successful Online Course with Stevie Dillon








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214: The Secrets to Creating a Highly Successful Online Course with Stevie Dillon

Say hello to Stevie Dillion!

Today we are joined by a digital course expert. Stevie Dillon to chat all things course creation! Stevie is the founder of Launchpad, a 12 Month High-Level Group Coaching Program that teaches Current and Aspiring Digital Course Creators how to create, launch and scale a flagship digital course. Her mission is to help others pull more time, freedom, and happiness from their lives and businesses with a digital course. Stevie is also the podcast host of the Stevie Says Social podcast, where she shares the Secrets to Creating a Highly Successful Online Course and the inside scoop on all things digital courses and online business. It is a regular on the Apple Podcasts Marketing Top 10 and has been downloaded more than half a million times to date.


You’ll learn:

🌟The important mindset shifts you need to make in order to be a successful course creator

🌟How to determine if adding a course to your business is the right fit

🌟 THe #1 marketing strategy for boosting sales and signups to your digital course (hint: it’s not what you think!)

🌟 The secrets to creating a highly successful online course with Stevie Dillon

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