December 20, 2020

6 Business Podcasts You Need to Listen to in 2023








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Here are 6 business podcasts you need to listen to in 2023 to make this year your best yet!

My favourite podcasts for small business owners

They say that having a podcast is this generation’s “lower back tattoo”. It can feel like every man and his dog has a podcast. It honestly would not surprise me if my Mum told me she was launching a podcast about her love of second-hand shopping (she loves Facebook Marketplace more than anyone I know)

But with so many podcasts out there, how does one choose what to listen to? Well, great question. I’ve compiled my top podcasts for small business into one nifty little list for you.

So, while you are waiting for my Mum’s podcast to launch, you can try these. Here are my top 6 business podcasts to listen to in 2023 that are practical, inspiring and real. 


My Business Playbook Podcast

Laura Higgins

My Business Playbook Podcast

I mean, are we really putting ourselves at the top of this list? Sorry not sorry for including our podcast here.

What I love about our show is that I get to interview business people who are at the very top of their game but who are real, authentic, and open about the challenges they have faced, their wins, and the big goals they are working towards.

I learn something from our guests every single week. Whether it’s how to take a better photo on your smartphone, how to write copy that resonates with your dream customer, the best way to pitch to a media outlet or even something as simple as how to get over yourself and confidently take your business to the next level (easier said than done)

There’s also something SO wonderful about realising you’re not alone; that even though the business journey can be filled with missteps (and let’s face it, big FAT failures), there’s always a way through. Every guest we have interviewed has been a testament to that which makes me feel like we are all in good company.

You can listen to My Business Playbook here.

Business Made Simple Podcast

Donald Miller

Donald Miller, Dr. J.J Peterson and Koula Callahan remind me a lot of Harry, Ronald, and Hermione. They aren’t in a battle against Voldemort or anything like that, but they certainly are on a mission to help businesses clarify their message and teach people how to run successful businesses (without racking up huge college debt).

Based in Nashville, but with an engaged global audience, Donald Miller and his Storybrand team have changed the way I approach marketing and my business on the whole. Their “M.O” is all about using the elements of story in your marketing to connect with and solve a problem for your customers.

Don and the team interview successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, leaders and authors to unpack their story and provide the listener with inspiring and implementable advice.

Huge fan.

Kind of a fan girl.

You can listen to Business Made Simple here.

Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast

Amy Porterfield

Online Marketing Made Easy

I couldn’t write a list of my top business podcasts without including the OG online marketing queen, Amy Porterfield. Her podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy, is packed full of helpful and practical online marketing advice. She has a real, practical, and no-nonsense approach to business and marketing which I love.

Her podcast is a mixture of guest interviews and solo episodes with Amy.

If you want help with email marketing and course creation, Amy is your girl. She covers topics such as…

You can listen to Online Marketing Made Easy here

The Art of Online Business Podcast

Rick Mulready


Rick Mulready is an online business expert who specialises in Facebook Advertising. His Accelerator Facebook Ads course has transformed the way we run Facebook Ads for Lala Social Club. He is always on the front foot of what’s currently working in Facebook Ads.

What I love about The Art of Online Business podcast is that Rick has a mix of practical advice and quick tips while also sharing insights about the entrepreneurial mindset and his own journey with anxiety.

If you want to level up your Facebook Ads strategy, Rick Mulready is your guy.

You can listen to The Art of Online Business here.

Expert Edge Podcast

Colin Boyd

The Expert Edge - Colin Boyd

The Expert Edge Podcast is full of practical takeaways to help you level up your speaking and selling on both virtual stages and in-person stages. Colin shares strategies and tips to help you speak and sell in a way that isn’t salesy or cringey.

I’ve been a student of Colin Boyd for quite some time and I love his approach to speaking, selling and webinars.

I hosted my first webinar at the very beginning of COVID-19. To say it nicely, I was winging it. I would pack my webinars full of content because I wanted to add value to my attendees. Little did I know, I was shooting myself in the foot. Since doing Colin’s training and listening to his podcast, I’ve learned how to host webinars that convert attendees into customers (without the icky sales pitch at the end).

His approach to webinars and speaking is unlike any other I’ve seen.

You can listen to Expert Edge Podcast here.

Smart Passive Income Podcast

Pat Flynn

Smart Passive Income - Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is one of the OG email marketing and podcasting gurus. He is like a young Seth Godin (long live Seth). Smart Passive Income is one of my favourite podcasts for a few reasons.

Each episode is full of practical, helpful advice to help you build your dream online business. It’s all about leveraging your business to create passive income. His zones of expertise are affiliate marketing, email marketing, podcasting.

Pat is really curious and always asks his guests great questions. He is generous in the content he gives away and he makes you feel like you can do just about anything. He’s also really funny. So again, big tick.

You can listen to Smart Passive Income podcast here

So there you have it. Those are my top 6 business podcasts (that are practical, inspiring and real). Podcasts are like a little motivational pep talk in your pocket.

P.s. if you’d like a 5 minute business pep talk in your inbox each week, we can arrange that! Just click this link to sign up.


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