March 11, 2019

8 Business Books That Will Help You Grow in 2023








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Reading has been a huge part of my life and even bigger part of growing my business. When I’m not reading John Grisham thrillers, I’m reading business books by some of my favourite authors. All with the goal of growing my business and in turn helping you in growing your business.

Below are a few of my favourite business books.

For writing copy

How to Write Copy That Sells – Ray Edwards

I have a love-hate relationship with copywriting. Sometimes I feel in the flow and other times I feel about as creative as a rock.

Ray Edwards’ copywriting framework always manages to get me out of my creative funk. His teaching isn’t salesy, it’s easy to follow and most importantly, gets results. It will help you grow your business, full stop.

Words can be the make or break of whether people will buy your product or engage with your service, so this business book is high on my list!

P.s. I listen to Beyonce when I write sales copy! She helps me channel my inner badass

Purchase the book here.

For business messaging

Building a Storybrand – Donald Miller

Donald Miller is one of those people who you’d like to go for dinner with. Before I launch any product, I put it through the Storybrand framework to make sure my messaging is clear and compelling. Donald Miller is an absolute genius and his Storybrand framework is easy to follow and SO effective.

Building a Storybrand has been one of the most instrumental business books in growing my brand, I highly recommend reading this book. It will change the way you talk about your business forever.

Purchase the book here


For Business Finance and Money Mindset

ChillpreneurDenise Duffield Thomas 

Denise Duffield Thomas is a money mindset mentor and is definitely someone to follow. If you are a woman in business and you struggle with the money stuff, Chillpreneur is a must read. Denise gives you practical advice on how to charge what you’re worth, move past your money blocks and to avoid the allure of the hustle so that you can grow your business whilst maintaining your “chill” in life.

She gives you practical scripts for difficult money conversations and insights into how she has built and scaled her own online business to 7 figures.

Purchase the book here.



For Developing Amazing Business Habits

Atomic Habits – James Clear 

There’s a reason this book has been a New York Times bestseller for such a long time. James Clear has a refreshing view of building habits which makes it easy to follow and gradually implement. If you haven’t heard about this book, you may have been living under a rock (perhaps the same rock that my copywriting creativity is like too)

Habit stacking has been something that has helped me big time!

Purchase the book here

For making your work more effective

Deep Work  – Cal Newport

Most of us think we are pretty effective at what we do. We often wear our “busy” badge with honour but does busyness really equate to effectiveness? As business owners, we often spend more time putting out fires than developing ourselves, our teams, our systems and our products. It’s just not a viable way to operate while trying to grow a business.

Cal Newport’s work has undoubtedly shown me that focus isn’t . After reading this book I now understand the necessity of deep work. I have to fight to keep my schedule from becoming cluttered and busy doing “work” so that I can truly achieve deep work.

The things that drive profit in my business require me to work in an uninterrupted flow state. They require focus.

Deep Work is a must read for anyone who feels like they are busy yet ineffective, like a hamster on a wheel. Take even just one practice from Newport’s study and you’ll see a difference right away.

Purchase the book here

For understanding your clients and team

The Road Back to You – Ian Morgan Cron

Understanding the Enneagram has given me such a powerful insight into who I am and how I work best. It provides me with a framework to follow for how I relate to myself and to others. Whether that is my clients, students, employees or personal relationships, the Enneagram has given me a language to express myself and better understand the people I interact with. In all honesty, the best way to grow your business is to grow yourself. Self awareness is a huge part of succeeding in not just business but in all areas of your life.

Plus it has given me a clear insight into how my husband’s very unique brain works

Purchase the book here.

For leadership and authenticity in your small business

Dare to Lead – Brené Brown 

If I met Brene Brown, I have a feeling we would be friends. Dare to Lead is all about leading with heart, embracing the tough conversations and learning to lead courageously. Brown’s teaching on vulnerability has been an absolute game changer for me. As your business grows, so does the need for wholehearted leadership. Leadership that must be courageous enough to have tough conversations.

It’s a must read for anyone who wants to learn how to choose courage over comfort.

Purchase the book.


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