March 12, 2021


111: Building a chart-topping podcast with Australian Birth Stories








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111: Building a chart-topping podcast with Australian Birth Stories


Meet Sophie from Australian Birth Stories

This week I sat down with the lovely Sophie, host and producer of chart-topping podcast Australian Birth Stories. Sophie had no idea she would be running a nation-wide podcast when she first told her own birth story, followed by her sister’s. But 215 episodes later, she is now one of the most well-known podcasters in Australia. This week, we chat with Sophie about how she achieved her level of success, how she monetizes her podcast, and how she juggles recording, editing and promoting her highly personal birth-story interviews, as well as raising a family of her own.

Australian Birth Stories is a podcast that allows mothers around Australia to share their birth journeys, and now has over 3.8 million downloads. It is a beautiful space for raw, wonderful and intense stories to be shared, and for mothers around Australia to feel inspired and connected. 

This episode is perfect for anyone thinking of starting their own podcast, anyone struggling with work/life balance, or anyone just looking for some small business inspiration.

Biggest takeaways from Australian Birth Stories

  • Some of Sophie’s biggest missteps when building her podcast [06:08]
  • The one thing Sophie would never outsource [10:34]
  • Sophie shares how she monetizes her podcast and brand [14:51]
  • Sophie’s practical tips for anyone wanting to start a podcast [21:07]
  • How Sophie manages motherhood, marriage, Instagram, business, and a chart-topping podcast [26:00]

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